Are you a Fashion Designer?

If you are a fashion designer, you are always welcome to display your designs on our website.

Why not use your hobby/interest to patronize and promote our traditional shawls?


  1. This is meant solely for designers.
  2. You are free to use your creativity and design anything using the traditional shawls.
  3. Designs can be worn by models
  4. Scanning of free hand designs allowed

Copyright Issues:

  1. You alone are responsible for your submissions.
  2. This is not a commercial website. So you can’t sell your designs/photographs on this site.
  3. It would be very much appreciated if you can put your designs for free download. But then, it's your choice.
  4. How long your designs will be displayed on this site is solely at the discretion of the admins (though we plan to keep them permanently).

The Paite Nampuan (Shawl) website is not meant for any particular organization or individual. It is a product of virtual congregation of like minded individuals.

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