Are you a Photographer?

If you are a photographer, you are always welcome to upload your photos on this site.

Why not use your hobby/interest to patronize and promote our traditional shawls?


  1. This is meant solely for photographers.
  2. Photos should be of original Paite shawls.
  3. Photos of traditional shawls, either worn by models or taken only with objects, can be submitted.
  4. Photos should not be less than 700 pixels, and the size should not be bigger than 500KB
  5. Only original photos taken by you should be submitted. Please don't plagiarize others' work.
  6. Prior consent of the models should be taken for any pictures to be uploaded on this Paite Nampuan website.
  7. Pictures taken at public functions are not allowed.  But it’s okay if prior consent is taken from the concerned person(s) that the shots are to be uploaded on this website.
  8. Preferably, pictures should have a single background colour so that the Nampuan is displayed clearly.
  9. Designs which can be detrimental to the interests of the society will not be displayed/uploaded.
  10. Shots which are not appropriate for viewing of children will not be accepted.
  11. To maintain quality, admins have the right to display or remove your pictures
  12. Nampuan shot in its original design will be put in “Nampuan” Category
  13. Nampuan designed as shirts, pants, skirts and neckties will be put in “Nampuan Design” category instead of “Nampuan” category

Copyright Issues:

  1. You alone are responsible for your submissions.
  2. This is not a commercial website. So you can’t sell your designs/photographs on this site.
  3. It would be very much appreciated if you can put your designs for free download. But then, it's your choice.
  4. How long your photograph/design will be displayed on this site is solely at the discretion of the admins (though we plan to keep them permanently).

The Paite Nampuan (Shawl) website is not meant for any particular organization or individual. It is a product of virtual congregation of like minded individuals.

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