The shackles of multiple obligations leave but negligible strain on one who stays on course with the march of technology. For the rustic however such advances only ring in bells of relegation and insignificance. The worth of World Wide Web has benefitted the Paites hailing from the hilly areas of the Indo-Myanmar border, in a limited way. Inability to access pictures of the much treasured traditional shawls even from the mighty Google, hurt the pride of Paites.

Keeping in view the velocity at which knowledge and tools keep changing and upgraded ours is an agreement to create a website dedicated to putting up the varied kinds of the traditional shawls for specific ends. This will also serve as platform for drawing information for productive purposes like immediate printing of banners and placards for instance.

For convenience in usage the website is divided into three broad categories.

1. The Picture Corner (Nampuan):

This area being reserved for displaying high resolution pictures of various traditional shawls.

2. The Graphic Corner (Nampuan Graphic):

In this area graphic designs of various traditional shawls are being displayed.

3. The Designers’ Corner (Nampuan Design):

This is meant to be the repository of a myriad of fashion as well as ready-to-wear designs from traditional shawls. The sketches of contributors are being displayed with details of the designer with his or her consent.

The variety of cultures and land to which the Paites spread has posed a challenge to the universality of the shawls and fashion in which they are worn. For example the traditional style of winding a shawl round the waist has since been found to have caused discomfort by ladies living in big metropolitan cities.

We do believe that such problems could be overcome and the insignia appropriately improved to suit the norms of society hosting the Paites. The website is primarily meant to serve as an encyclopedia of costume designed from traditional shawl wearable for certain occasions if not always. With the patronage and enthusiastic support of more and more people, it is hoped the website may become a platform for generating every day costumes with traditional color.

Promotion of budding talents in the fields of photography, software and garment designing is another endeavor the site seeks to dedicate its space for.

You are warmly invited to contribute in this collective effort to refine and improve the sartorial definition of Paiteness by submitting your work for the above mentioned three categories by clickling here. Even if you have no talent to don any of the three galaries, you have another most important role to play. Patronize. And make the best use of the site. Because it’s ours.