Paite Nampuan ( sung a om graphics, designs leh photographs te Free download leh Copyright chiin kikhen in, hiai te anuai abang in hilhchetna bawl ahi.

  1. Paite Nampuan website in atup pipen Paite namsung a Nampuan omte tawisan leh tulai kicheina toh kiton a zattheih dia bawl chih ahihtoh kiton a, hiailam toh kituak website leh personal blog te ah FREE in zattheih hi. Paite Nampuan a item te zatna himhim in a tup pipen Nampuan tawisan ahih ding ahi.
  2. Paite Nampuan website a photograph te himhim admin/contributors te theihlouh a Social Networking site/Weblog te ah koihkhiak phal ahi kei hi, adiakin a kizepna lam lahsak tupna hilou a, a model pen lahkhiak tupna ahih leh. Hiai in FREE leh copyrighted te huap tuaktuak hi.
  3. Paite Nampuan tup-leh-ngim toh kituak Social Networking site a om a, hoihtak a site monitor ahihleh Paite Nampuan in a case dan zil in zangsak thei hi. Hiai bang a lunglut te’n chiklaipeuh in  ah contact theih.
  4. Paite Nampuan website a item te’ URL leh Paite Nampuan Facebook page Social Networking a va post bel khaam hilou hi.
  5. Paite Nampuan website a item kikoih te Free download hilou a copyright ahileh, koimah a zat sawn phal ahi kei. A designer/photographer personal taka na contact masak a poimoh ding.
  6. Paite Nampuan website a item kikoihte himhim Print leh Visual Media adia zang ding na hih leh admin/contributors na contact masak ngai ding hi. FREE download kichi in Print leh Visual Media huaplou hi.
  7. Paite Nampuan website a FREE items te na zat nana ah credit/backlink na piak gige hon ki lam-en hi.
  8. Paite Nampuan website a model kizangte amau phalna kila masa gige ahi. Model te’n Paite Nampuan website baan phalna asaite kiang ah le hon petuanlou uhi. Huaiziak in koi hiam a nana zat a buaina na tuah leh Paite Nampuan in bangmah gentheilou ding hi. Hiai buaina na tuah ma in admins/contributors te hiam, a model pa/nu hiam theisak masa zaw in.
  9. Paite Nampuan website a photographs te zatna diklou (etsakna adult site) a nana zat ngeingei leh Paite Nampuan in hihtheih tan suah in a case ki-sual ding hi.
  10. Paite Nampuan website a photographs omte computer software zang a morph (morphing) phal ahikei hi.
  11. Paite Nampuan website a items te zanga sumdawn phal ahi kei hi.
  12. Paite Nampuan website a puansilh design (sketching) copyrighted loute zanga puan taktak khuidek na hihleh a designer nu/pa theihsak masak ka deihthusam uh ahi. Copyrighted omte bel nana khui phal hilou ding hi.
  13. Hiai a tung a T & C te, Media Partners leh tung ah kizanglou hi.

Kuahiam nasepsa zahtaksak in, dan-leh-duun kibawlte ngaikhawk in, a thawn I chih peuh ut-leh-dah a zat ding hilou ahi chih theisiam kawm in, pilvangzaw sem a items omsa te zang ding in k’on ngen uhi. Nang leh kei I pankhawm siam leh tua sangin I Nampuante uh I tawisang thei zolai ding uh.


Graphics, Designs and Photographs in Paite Nampuan ( are classified into Free Download and Copyright. The following are the terms and conditions of their usage:

  1. The aim of Paite Nampuan Website is to promote and display the Paite traditional attires. Graphics, designs and photographs displayed on the website can be reproduced on similar, like-minded wesbsites and personal blogs for FREE. The only precondition is that the purpose of reproduction should be the promotion of the Paite traditional attires.
  2. Photographs should not be reproduced on networking sites/weblogs without the consent of the admins/contributors, especially if the intent is to showcase the models, rather than the dresses. This restriction covers both FREE and copyrighted items.
  3. On need basis, Paite traditional attires on display at Paite Nampuan can be reproduced on social networking sites, subject to the consent of Paite Nampuan admins and conformity with the aims and objectives of Paite Nampuan website. Any interested party may contact
  4. There is, however, no restriction on posting URLs of items on Paite Nampuan website and Paite Nampuan Facebook page on social networking sites.
  5. No copyrighted items should be reproduced elsewhere without the express permission of the designer/photographer.
  6. For reproduction of any items on print and visual media, prior permission of the admins/contributors should be taken. FREE download does not apply reproduction on print and visual media.
  7. Credit/Backlink should be given to wherever/whenever FREE items on Paite Nampuan website are used.
  8. Express consent of the models are taken for display at Paite Nampuan website only and not for other sites/places. Paite Nampuan is not responsible for any dispute arising out of reproduction/use of items without the consent of the models.
  9. Illegal use (especially on adult sites) of items on Paite Nampuan website will be viewed seriously and if need be, cases slapped against the culprits.
  10. Photographs on Paite Nampuan website should not be morphed by using computer software.
  11. Commercialization of items on display at Paite Nampuan website is strictly prohibited.
  12. It is advisable to contact the designers if you want to  make/design dresses modelled on the non-copyrighted items of Paite Nampuan website. However, making/designing of dresses modelled on copyrighted items is strictly prohibited.
  13. These terms and conditions do not apply to our media partners - and

It is our humble appeal that due respect be given to the time and resources given by contributors/admins on the items displayed and ensure that the terms and conditions laid down are followed in letter and spirit. Let us all work together in the promotion of our traditional attires.